Our Leadership

Apostle David Spearman is the Senior Pastor of FMCC. He holds the office of an Apostle, Pastor and Teacher, as outlined in Eph. 4:11. He also is used by God in the gifts of healings. Countless number of people have been healed instantly by the power of God in his ministry.
Many healings coming from very serious sicknesses including: emphysema, cancer, tumors, broken bones and so many others that can’t give enough justice to how God has used Pastor Dave in this gift.

Born and raised in Detroit,MI. He received his calling to ministry while attending West Lansing Church after he attended Michigan State University. He has been in ministry for over 27 years.

As an apostle, he is currently the Apostolic Overseer of the Faith Apostolic Network in Accra, Ghana.

Prophetess Donna Spearman holds the office of a Prophet as outlined in Ephesians 4:11. She is also a conference speaker that has appeared in churches across the U.S. She is called upon by many churches for her prophetic gift which has proven to be extremely accurate. She’s been used by God to individuals and ministries as a whole, to prepare them for their next level towards the fullfilment of their destiny and also to warn as well as exhort. She has been in ministry for over 15 years, 10yrs in the prophetic.

She was born in Waco,TX. and raised in Jenison,MI.


Ministerial Team::

Pastor Martha Shipp:
She is an anointed teacher of the Word of God.She is a ministerial team member. She is also involved with overseeing many ministries within FMCC.
She serves as one of the Pastors at Faith Ministries Center Church. She also serves as church administrator and also assists in counseling individuals and families in the Word of God.

Pastor Thomas Day:
He is an anointed preacher of the Word of God. He is also a ministerial team member and over the Youth Ministry at Faith Ministries Center.

He serves as one of the Pastors at FMCC. He is also involved in many other tasks at FMCC to help accomplish the vision of our church.

Elder Fred Mullins:
He is an anointed ministerial team member and serves as an elder at Faith Ministries Center Church.
 He oversees various ministries at FMCC. He also assists in counseling individuals and families in the Word of God.