Your First Visit

Service Times:

Sunday Morning: 10:00 am
Wednesday Bible Study: 7:00 pm

Whether you bring your family or come alone, you can expect for God’s love to be poured out to you. Below, we have summarized just some of the things you can count on experiencing when you visit with us.   –-Apostle David Spearman


God’s Presence:

You would think this would be at every church, however in today’s times, having a church on every corner doesn’t guarantee that God is there. We can assure you that when you visit FMC, you will also sense that He is here.

Teaching of God’s Word:

We can assure you that when you visit, you will learn something. Whether you are a person that is very accustomed to church, or a new beginner, you won’t have any problems understanding the message, as even our children pickup on the relevant issues spoken from God’s Word.

Miracles, Healing and Deliverance:

We have witnessed so many miracles at our church that it would be too long to list. From cancer, emphysema, heart problems, lame walking and countless others. If you need a miracle to happen in your life, without question, YOU need to be here!

View videos, first hand, from those healed by the power of God at our church.


We know that churches strive to advertise this; however, we rarely mention this because it has become the norm at FMCC. We have so much diversity that it goes past us being a multi-ethnic church. We are diverse in age groups, professions as well as ethnicity.

A New Beginning:

We are certain that when you join us for our services, that you will never be the same. We have seen so many lives transformed at FMCC, and it all started with their first visit. We strongly encourage you to visit us. This is the place for a new beginning, where your past can be history and your future with Jesus can begin.